My Plans vs 2020 / Will I Ever Wear Jeans Again?

There are so many “My Plans vs 2020” memes out there. My plans for the year verses reality have been quite different. So…. you gotta laugh and I don’t mind poking fun at myself. Melissa Locker wrote for “Abraham Lincoln once said, “I laugh because I must not cry, that is all.” They are wise...

Post Pandemic Baby Boom Barbies

I thought these Post Pandemic Baby Boom Barbies would be funny, because people were beginning to announce their pregnancies online. #BarbieGetsReal wrote: So much for social distancing: See 14 creative pandemic pregnancy announcements These couples are expecting a baby in quarantine and announcing it in style.  Click here to read more!   Post-Pandemic Baby...

Pandemic Hero Barbie – Grocery Store Worker

Here is a Pandemic Hero Barbie – The Essential Grocery Store Worker. #BarbieGetsReal Pandemic Hero – Essential Worker – Grocery Worker Includes: Doll with Mask & Gloves Cash Register & Groceries The Story Behind the Grandma Gets Real Instagram

Quarantine Barbie – Barbie Photographer

This Quarantine Barbie – Barbie Photographer includes everything you need to start your own Barbie Blog. Grandma Barbie and her Barbie Dolls Canon Camera and Lens iPhone Barbie Dreamhouse Barbie Case Barbie Book (Dressing Barbie by Carol Spencer) #ad  These Tiny Barbies are listed on my Amazon Storefront  

Quarantine Barbie – Crafter Edition

Quarantine Barbie has had a lot of time for crafting. Quarantine Barbie Crafter Edition Accessories include: Sewing Machine Sewing Basket Green Cutting Mat Desk Lamp Sewing Notions Fabric Bolts Plus Siamese Cat in Yarn Basket Other Quarantine Barbies Here

Quarantine Barbie – Gardening Edition

This is my Quarantine Gardening Barbie. She is “getting real” and working in her garden. While in lockdown, a lot of us spent time in our yards.  According to what I’ve seen and heard –  this lead to a lot of gardening and yard improvement jobs. My husband built planters and bought bags and bags...

Quarantine Barbies

Can you believe my Quarantine Barbies have gone viral? I had always wanted to make parody Barbies like I had seen on the Ellen Show. She had funny realistic ones like distracted driver Barbie and Hoarder Barbie. When the quarantine started and I saw this well-done Pandemic Barbie created By Julene Jorgensen of Julene Society I...

Quarantine Barbie – What Day Is It? Edition

I made the Quarantine Barbies as something we could all relate to during this Quarantine life. Recently, I have heard over and over is, “I don’t even know what day it is!”  I put my calendar on the kitchen counter and am marking the days off. Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies and...

Quarantine Barbie – What Time Is It? Edition

The Quarantine Barbie – What Time Is It? Edition is espically fitting since everyone seems to have their days and nights turned around during this quarantine. She joins my other Quarantine Barbies in the one-of-a-kind Pandemic Collection. The poor doll has her roots all grown out since she hasn’t been to her hairdresser. The dark...

Quarantine Barbie – New Hobby Edition

Quarantine Barbie Doll – New Hobby Edition Bake an Apple Pie Learn to Play Guitar Put Together a Puzzle Learn to Knit Plus: CHEEZ-ITs Also See: Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition Also See: Quarantine Barbie Starter Pack – Stay Home Curvy Doll “Wearing Stretchy Pants”