Finding Swap Meet Treasures

grandma gets real shopping at the swap meet

What is a swap meet? The swap meets I go to are filled with used stuff, handmade items, and new goods. I have heard that some vendors swap / barter for goods, but I purchase with cash. The swap meets in my area are held in large parking lots and drive-in theatres.

Things I can find at my local swap meet are food vendors, fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, and a fish market. There are always tables of new and used clothing, books and tools. It’s quite an eclectic mix and I seldom leave without something in my cart.

swap meet cart full of barbies

What are my favorite swap meet vendors selling? Some are offering items they no longer want that were stored in their garages or attics, some buy new goods to resell, and others bid on storage units at auctions and sell the contents.

I know a few vendors who go to storage auctions. The storage companies auction off the units that are delinquent in payments. For whatever reason, the renter filled the space with their possessions and stopped paying. The storage companies hold auctions to recoup their cost and rent out the unit again. The unit goes to the highest bidder, who loads it up in their truck, arrives at the swap meet, and unloads the goods.

Years ago, I went with my dad to a local storage auction. He got a unit full of mostly junk and a few memorable items like hundreds of vials of Mt. St. Helen’s volcanic ash from the 1980 eruption in Washington. Dad had a yard sale to get rid of his newly acquired treasures.

If you are looking for swap meets or flea markets in your city– try an internet search. I think you’ll enjoy going on a treasure hunt.

grandma gets real at the swap meet with shopping bag

Things to Remember:

Take cash – lots of smaller bills.

Wear comfortable shoes and a hat.

Bring shopping bags and a cart or wagon.

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