Miniatures are Everywhere

Looking for tiny things? MINIATURES ARE EVERYWHERE! Most of the questions I get on my social media accounts are about where to purchase the tiny things I use in my photos.  Here are some of the Barbie sized items that I use to create my mini world:

AD – I have some of them listed on my Amazon Storefront. I do receive compensation $ if you purchase through this link.

😀 MINI BRANDS – by ZURU Toys are great little miniatures.  Quite a few are Barbie-Size. 🚨 NEW Mini Fashions out now and they are fabulous.

(***Note – they come in a blind surprise ball.  You never know what you will get.)

zuru mini brands tiny food

😻REAL LITTLES – by Moose Toys has some adorable food boxes for your tiny pantry. They come with little Shopkins toys inside – which my grandkids like – and I use the boxes. Available here on Amazon.

tiny kelloggs ceral

🥑TOTALLY TINY – by Just Play Products has some fun little food pieces. They are available here on Amazon.

totally tiny miniature food

🇦🇺 COLE’S LITTLE SHOP – tiny groceries were a Cole’s Supermarket promotion a few years back in Australia 🇦🇺.  They made miniature collectable foods – incuding snacks – that were given away with a purchases. They no longer make them – but you can sometimes find them on eBay. Shipping can be pricey if it ships from Australia. This is a video of me unboxing some Cole’s Little Shop Groceries.

tiny groceries Australia

🌏WORLD’S SMALLEST– by Super Impulse has some really cute tiny toys. I use the Barbies in a lot of my photos. They are available here on Amazon.

world's smallest toys 

🇯🇵 RE-MENT – is a Japanese company that makes tiny collectibles for adults. I especially like their older sets from 2005-2006. They are quite expensive 😳 to buy online but you can sometimes find deals on eBay. I made a video unboxing this Re-Ment Aromatherapy.

tiny things by rement in japan

🧲 MAGNETS – Who doesn’t love a good magnet? You can find some great ones at touristy places. Plus there are Vintage Magnets 🧲 that are great realistic miniatures. I’m often told, “My Grandma had that on her refrigerator.” Here is a video that I made about my Vintage Acme Magnets.

vintage acme magnets

🎄CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS are a great source of minis for the dollhouse. You can find everything from mixers to Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Here’s a video about some of the ornaments that I’ve collected.

kitchen aid mixer christmas ornament 

🔑 KEY CHAINS – There are so many fun key chains. You will be amazed what you can find. 🔑 Tupperware U.S. & Canada has some great vintage keychains. I have purchased some on eBay and always keep  a look out for them at flea markets and swap meets. 

tupperware keychains

👂 EARRINGS – Tiny food earrings are all the rage. I have some amazing tiny foods that started out as jewelry. You’ll be amazed all the place you can find tiny food earrings. Here’s a Claire’s video I posted on Instagram.

tiny food earrings

Happy Hunting!  Make sure and check out my social media accounts for more ideas!



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