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Happy Twinning Tuesday! How many Mini Mes do you have? Not only do I have an heir and a spare - I have a few different versions of grandma Barbie. I have one with a thin made to move Body so she can wear vintage clothes. I have one with a curvy body to better represent me. I have a couple with the original bodies, etc… I pick them up wherever I find them at a reasonable price. It’s easier if I have a grandma or two always dressed and ready to go. Do you have more than one mini me?
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Happy Miniac Monday! 🥞 When was the last time you had pancakes? I usually order French Toast for a treat at our local diner, but these road-trip pancakes @mcdonalds were quite tasty. 🥞 *Watch my stories to see Behind The Scenes of my miniature 1/6th scale world.
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What snack do you like on a road trip? My husband packed cookies. I have chocolate in my purse (a Butterfinger and Reese’s Cups 🤫) What do you pack?
*This beautiful miniature luggage set was from the 2020 @barbie Convention that was Cancelled.
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🚘 Do you wash your own car or drive it through a car wash? 🧽 We washed ours and left this morning for a road trip across the Southwest. 🚗 🌵 🏜
Orange Bucket by @jstinycreations
Blue Soap, hose and sponge by ReMent
Other car products from @supercheap_auto
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What do you use to scrub your dishes? I prefer a dish brush but hubby likes a sponge. Actually, I prefer not to do dishes, but … 😂 Which would you rather have - brush or sponge?
The @scotchbrite sponges were made by @suesminishop and the beautiful mason jar flower arrangement is by @magnolia.minis
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Do you feel like collecting dolls has become more normalized in the last couple of years? I think during the pandemic a lot of people started hobbies and made the “news.” If it’s not considered “normal” it’s at least a bit more familiar. As I say to the young people in my life and to myself, “you do you.” How do you feel?
I’ve been asked numerous times if the 3-inch silicone baby doll is “Barbie” size. I think so. 👵🏻❤️ I bought it from @mini_silicone_baby_doll
The carts was made by @aizulhomey_official
The can of formula was made by @magnolia.minis
The baby cereal box and box of bottles on the shelves was made by @suesminishop
The bottles and diapers were made by ReMent in Japan
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#throwbackthursday 🍦Let’s go for ice cream… chocolate or vanilla? Do you enjoy soft serve 🍦 ice cream? When I was a kid 👧🏼 my mom took us “home” to live in a little town in the Ozarks where my grandpa 👴🏻 had a farm 🐄 🐄🐄🐄. There was a Dairy Queen in town. He would get us ice cream 🍦- but called it 🦃 💩 on a cone. He died when I was young - but I never make a trip to DQ that I don’t think about that. 👴🏻🦃💩
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Have you had @pillsbury rolls from a can? Do you like the cinnamon or the orange rolls? I have lots of memories of these. And it’s a dessert I can actually bake. Did you have them growing up?
*Rolls made by @suesminishop
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What do you take on a road trip? I’m packing up - in big and mini because we are heading 🚘 to New Mexico on Saturday to visit my son and his family. ❤️ I’m trying to remember all the minis I might need for 🌲🏞🚘🍁🔥🍽🏕😳 and celebrating 🥳my grandson’s birthday. 🎂🎈Help me make a list. What tiny things should I take for fun photos?
***Make sure to check my stories for the unboxing of this and other behind the scenes stuff
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Do you have any tiny food ideas? Have you ever made @cheerios 🍩 donuts. It’s a delicious project for kids / grandkids / people with Barbies. 😀 Do you know of any other simple ideas like this?
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What is the last thing you bought because you wanted one when you were little? I ❤️ loved dolls as a child. The only time I stole money was to buy a blanket and clothes for my baby doll. I was nine. Yes, I got in trouble. So when I saw this silicone baby doll I decided to buy it for my nine-year-old self. Imagine how many quarters I would’ve had to steal to purchase this. 😳 I also wanted a stuffed baby gorilla with a pacifier when I was 5-years-old. I may buy that next. 🦍 Has anyone seen one in mini?
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What’s it like at your house today? 🥵 🥶 I’m posting this for all my friends that are living where there are excessive heat warnings 🥵 Here’s hoping fall will decide to visit us very soon 🍁 What are you doing to cope with the heat? I’m considered turning the air conditioner on - but after my electric bill the last two months I’m thinking long and hard about it. 💸💸💸💸 🤣 So I’m sitting here under the fan while I am pondering the decision 🤪
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Happy Miniac Monday! When was the last time you had a hamburger? 🍔 It’s my husband’s favorite - he orders one almost every time we eat out. 🍔 Do you have a favorite place to get a burger?
*unboxing video in stories
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What color is your bucket? This miniature Orange bucket reminds me of the @homedepot ones that I have in my garage. I like buying familiar objects / realistic miniatures that resemble the things I own in real life. How about you?
This bucket was made by @jstinycreations
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Are you the kind of collector that makes sure you have every piece in a collection? Do you keep track of what you have? I never seem to find all the pieces in these new collections. Sometimes I get on eBay to find a missing piece. Are you a meticulous collector?
Nope! I do not have a complete collection of these Mini Fashions 😬
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Do you ever go into the drug store for one thing and buy a basketful? I did it just today. In real life. 😳 Apparently, It’s hard for me to pass up a good sale at the drug store. How about you?
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Did you ever have any mushroom decor? It was all the rage in the 70s. I found this for my retro kitchen. So apparently, I am now on the search for mini mushrooms items🍄😂.
*This is the 2006 Re-Ment Fairy Tale Tableware - Mushroom 🍄 Forest.
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Did you have any @officiallittletikes as a child? My kids had a couple of pieces but they always wanted that Cozy Red Coupe. What do you think of these tiny pieces by @officialminiverse ?
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Did your grandma have magnets on her refrigerator? A lot of these are vintage Acme Magnets that I use in my Barbie size miniature world. Do you have any magnets on your fridge or in your dollhouse?
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Do you keep all of your holiday items together? I try to keep everything that’s the same in the same place. I’ve been going through all of my boxes making sure I’m ready for the next holiday to roll around. How do you sort?
Do you like my new @tim_holtz minis that I found at @joann_stores ?
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Do you buy miniatures? Do you buy things that don’t fit your fashion doll? I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for any realist tiny thing. *Have you seen this movie? #nightmarebeforechristmas
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