Dolls on Instagram and the Dollstagram Vocabulary

Are you familiar with the Dollstagrams on Instagram?

There are accounts for almost any type of doll you can think of –

including: Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, Blythe dolls, Ball Jointed Dolls and even Flatsy dolls. 

flatsy instagram flatsy dolls

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There are also Instagrammers – that are using dolls – as if they are real people – to tell a story.

The most popular dollstagram like this –  is BarbieStyle with over two million followers.

Yep, that’s correct. I said two million. “How is that possible,” you ask? Her bio discloses that she is a public figure and designed to inspire. She travels, kills it at flat lays, and has a lifestyle that other social media influencers envy: fashion, friends, and fun. Barbie has always lead a life of plastic perfection and instagram suits her perfectly. She rocks social media.

BarbieStyle is not the only doll account out there. The hashtag #dollstagram has nearly three million posts and represents a wide variety of dolls.

#dollstagram dollstagram instagram

My BarbieGetsReal dollstagram has given me an opportunity to be a part of a unique community that even has it’s own vocabulary.

barbiegetsreal dollstagram barbie instagram

Dollstagram Vocabulary Words:

Dollstagram – an Instagram account where you post photos of your dolls.

Dollgraphical – using a doll to tell your story

Dollgraphy – photos of dolls

Dollgraphers – photographers of dolls

Dollgraphics – photos and videos of dolls

Dolleagues – your circle of friends in the dollstagram community. (Thanks Rockin_professor_dolls)

Why are these words popping up?

Because of the popularity of Instagrammers – that are using dolls – as if they are real people – to tell a story.

With the popularity of these dollstagrams –

and the unique, creative ways that these dollgraphers are finding to use dollgraphics dollgraphically – I think dollgraphy will become even more popular. Thanks, to all my dolleagues, for teaching me so many fun words. Did I miss any words? Please comment below.


*This post may contain affiliate links that compensate me if you buy something. Which I greatly appreciate because it will help me to continue to buy doll items to share with you. Win-Win

***For further reading – A while back, I wrote a blog in rebuttal to a New York Times article about Dollstagrams.


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