My Plans vs 2020 / Will I Ever Wear Jeans Again?

There are so many “My Plans vs 2020” memes out there. My plans for the year verses reality have been quite different. So…. you gotta laugh and I don’t mind poking fun at myself.

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “I laugh because I must not cry, that is all.” They are wise words that are extremely applicable in the year 2020, when an unprecedented global pandemic has lead to lost lives, lost jobs, and scuttled plans. Now, a new meme is helping people laugh through their tears by pairing images of naiveté with the impending reality.”

Here are two versions of  Barbie Parodies I made – They are part of my comedic commentary on the Quarantine 2020.

My Plans vs. 2020

I had high hopes and plans for 2020:  eating healthier, working out, and being more disciplined. I signed up to attend the Barbie Convention in Las Vegas. I even bought a planner! BUT… the pandemic happened and my plans went out the window. I have eaten a lot of frozen pizza and ice cream, I can’t find the planner, and I cancelled my trip to Las Vegas.

my plans vs 2020 barbie

I haven’t had my jeans on in months.

Will I ever wear them again?  Let’s Get Real!

Aren’t those tiny Gap Jeans the cutest?

Will I ever wear jeans again barbie

Here’s a link to all the Hoopla about my Parody Barbies!

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