Dressing Barbie by Legendary Barbie Fashion Designer Carol Spencer

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Dressing Barbie is a new book coming out in March. It is written by legendary Barbie fashion designer, Carol Spencer, who helped transform Barbie into a style icon.

Dressing Barbie Carol Spencer

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting the author of Dressing Barbie – Carol Spencer.
When I asked about her book, she said, “This book includes inside stories behind the scenes of the world of Barbie.”

Dressing Barbie Carol Spencer

Tonya Ruiz Meeting Carol Spencer with friend Laura Maar

The book – Dressing Barbie – is also a memoir of how Carol Spencer became a legendary Barbie fashion designer and how she stayed at Mattel – thru thick and thin – from 1965 till nearly 2000.”

Here’s a one minute video I made of Carol.

I was BEYOND thrilled that Carol took the time to look at my Barbie Instagram @BarbieGetsReal and sent me an encouraging email. I’m looking forward to reading the book.

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great shape barbie

Great Shape Grandma Barbie



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