Quarantine Barbies

Can you believe my Quarantine Barbies have gone viral? I had always wanted to make parody Barbies like I had seen on the Ellen Show. She had funny realistic ones like distracted driver Barbie and Hoarder Barbie.

When the quarantine started and I saw this well-done Pandemic Barbie

created By Julene Jorgensen of Julene Society

I thought that I should make a Realistic Curvy Barbie like me – wearing stretchy pants and eating snacks.  #realitybarbie

Quarantine Barbie

A Quarantine Barbie to match my Quarantine Life.

I called her the

“Quarantine Starter Pack –

Curvy Doll in Stretchy Pants.”

She was so well liked on my Grandma Gets Real Instagram that I continued creating parody Barbies.

Then – My Quarantine Barbies went viral on facebook

It’s been funny hearing all the reactions to my dolls. The top comment upon seeing a doll they can related to is,

“This is Me!”


“Finally, a Barbie that looks like me.”

They are a comedic commentary on the Quarantine designed to make people smile. I used Mattel Barbies in my artistic photography and imitated the appropriate accessories that the dolls usually come with.

There is a proverb that says –

A Merry Heart Does Good Like Medicine.

I’m happy to hear that my one-of-a-kind Quarantine Barbies have amused you and made you smile. I wish you good health.

Apparently, Many of you are having the same issues I am in quarantine life.

Which Quarantine Barbie can you relate to the most?

Stay Home Curvy Barbie Wearing Stretchy Pants

Quarantine Barbie

Home Salon Edition

Quarantine Barbie Home Salon Edition

Zoom Ken

Quarantine Barbie Zoom Ken

Binge Watching Barbie

quarantine binge watching barbie

New Hobby Edition

Quarantine Barbie New Hobby Edition

What Time Is It?

quarantine barbie what time is it

What Day Is It?

Quarantine barbie what day is it

Quarantine Quarreling Couple – Barbie & Ken

quarantine quarreling couple barbie ken

HomeSchool Mom

Quarantine Barbie Pandemic

Bread Baking Barbie

Quarantine Barbie

Behind The Scenes – Quarantine Barbies on YouTube Here

Grandma Gets Real Interview on #OBSESSED here

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