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My Quarantine Barbies are my comedic commentary on my quarantine experience. I used the Barbies to reflect what I was going thru in Quarantine. I started with the Quarantine Starter Pack – Curvy Doll Wearing Stretchy Pants, trying to keep busy and snacking. I learned all about Zoom, resorted to DIYing my personal care like in the Home Salon Edition, and Binge Watched tons of shows.

My hubby has constantly been in the kitchen baking up cookies and banana bread like the Bread Baking Barbie and so we became the Quarantine Quarreling Couple bickering about who has to clean up the mess.

My daugher is homeschooling and was complaining about the chaos of never leaving the house and having her youngest child permenantly attached to her leg.

I watched a lot of my friends posting about their New Hobbies – such as taking up the ukulele, knitting, and putting together puzzles. “What Time Is It?” and “What Day Is It?” were questions that my hubby and I kept asking each other. I suffered with insomnia and had my hours all mixed up. To keep track of what day it was – I finally got the calendar down and put it on the kitchen counter so we could look at it the first thing every morning.

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I made the Pandemic Heroes – Sanitation Worker,

Health Care Worker, and Grocery Worker – because not everyone got to stay home safely and quarantine. Our essential workers were out there every day getting the job done.

I recently started on some Post-Pandemic Barbies. My first was Post-Pandemic Baby Boom Barbie because I had suspected this would be the case – and have recently seen online pregnancy announcements.

Now that 2020 is half-way over – I have had to re-adjust my expectations. So I made My Plans Vs 2020 & Will I Ever Wear Jeans Again

I was asked by my followers to make Crafter and  Gardener Barbies.

I think ten thousand people asked, “Where’s the Wine?” So….. I Wine A Lot Barbie

With everyone spending so much time at home – It was the perfect time to spruce things up – DIY Gets Real Barbie

Our Crazy About Cats Barbie had lots of company during quarantine.

The Barbie Photographer is me. I will continue posting my one-of-a-kind Barbies on my social media accounts.

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Good Morning America – Quarantine Barbies

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Art Magazine – Germany

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Country Living

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Newsweek – My Turn – Tonya Ruiz

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Interview with Marysol Castro – WPIX 11 – New York’s Very Own

The Liberty Times – Taiwan

To watch at: WGN9 Chicago’s Very Own


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Scary Mommy Article


“And while the “official Barbies” are keeping it light for the little ones, the “unofficial ones” are keeping it real for the big kids among us.” Read more at the link.

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KC IFEANYI wrote, “Over the years, Mattel has expanded its line of Barbies to accommodate more realistic standards. In 2016, we were introduced to a line of “curvy,” “tall,” and “petite” Barbies. Earlier this year, we got an even more diverse squad that had vitiligo and no hair and were differently abled. Incorporating varying complexions and body sizes is great, but one woman is taking the realism up a notch with her self-made line of “Quarantine Barbies.”” …..  Read more at link

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Stephanie Ortiz wrote, “Barbie’s always been accustomed to living the high life. She’s truly a boss with her massive wardrobe, her fancy pink convertible, her fabulous Dream House, and her handsome -if genitally challenged- boyfriend Ken.
If you grew up playing with Barbies, then you know that her life is the sort that most girls dream about. But it turns out that despite her luxurious surroundings, even Barbie is having a tough time weathering QUARANTINE LIFE.”
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Healthy Happy News

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To see My Barbie Story – watch #obsessed

 MOMS.COM did a feature on my Real Life Barbies

“Tonya Ruiz loved Barbie as kid, and now she uses a more realistic version of the doll to recreate a mini universe that mirrors her own life….” Read more at the link

MOMS.COM Tonya Ruiz

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Mom.com Quarantine Barbies

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