Quarantine Bread Baking Barbie

Quarantine Bread Baking Barbie Everything She needs to bake Banana & Sourdough Bread Includes: Mixer, Flour, Sourdough Starter, Eggs, Bananas, Butter, and Milk See on Instagram: Click Here To See

Quarantine Binge Watching Barbie

  Quarantine Binge Watching Barbie Includes: Television, Comfy Crochet Afghan, and Pillow    Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Popcorn & Diet Coke Plus – Lots of Sweet & Salty Snacks Everything she needs for a cozy marathon of streaming!

Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition

  Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition Includes:   Hair Dye   Wax Kit   Magnifying Mirror Everything You Need For an At-Home Hair Cut & DIY Manicure and Pedicure    Bonus: Q-tips, Petroleum Jelly, Shampoo, Lotion, Shaving Cream  

Quarantine Barbie – Zoom Ken

Quarantine Barbie – Zoom Ken Includes:  Business Attire top & Adorable Heart Boxers 3 Apple Products: Iphone, Ipad, and Macbook Pro       Beverages from Starbucks Drive-Thru     Dove Antiperspirant   Rambunctious Toddler and Fussy Infant to Crash Video Chat Toilet & One Roll of TP *Do Not Use While on Zoom  

Quarantine Barbie – Homeschool Mom Edition

Quarantine Barbie – HomeSchool Mom Edition 3 Kids +Toddler (Permenantly attached to Mom’s leg) Includes:  Breakfast & Lunch plus Cookies Games for Family Night School Books & Science Homework  PLUS Tiny Volcano kit For mom – Pond’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream & Sonoma Wine *Hair Dye not included  

Quarantine Barbie

Quarantine Barbie Starter Pack – Stay Home Curvy Doll “Wearing Stretchy Pants” Accessories Include: Toilet Paper, Wet Ones Wipes, Crossword Puzzle, Cards, Snacks, Whiskey in a Teacup Book – Plus Whiskey and Teacup

Realistic Miniature Gunsmoke Lunch Box

Who doesn’t love realistic miniatures? Basic Fun makes some great minis on Keychains. They are so cute because they really work. I recently unboxed a Gunsmoke Lunch Box Keychain that I purchased at the swap meet for $1. This Lunch box opens and closes. It included a Thermos and tiny apple. They have others in their...

Barbie Gets Real interview #OBSESSED

“Former 80s model turned ‘Grandma Barbie’ re-creates life with mini dolls” What a treat to have the Obsessed Lifestyle crew come to my house and interview me for #Obsessed It was a tight squeeze in my attic room and the cameraman bumped his head a few times on that slanted ceiling. I was interviewed sitting...

Zuru Mini Brands – Realistic Miniatures

#Ad – Zuru sent me some 5 Surprise Mini Brands as a free gift I collect realistic one-sixth-scale miniatures and have quite a collection of them. The Zuru Mini Brands have been such a great addition to my minis – because they fit perfectly into my tiny world. Who doesn’t love teeny-weeny versions of their...