Quarantine Barbie – What Day Is It? Edition

I made the Quarantine Barbies as something we could all relate to during this Quarantine life. Recently, I have heard over and over is, “I don’t even know what day it is!”  I put my calendar on the kitchen counter and am marking the days off. Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies and...

Quarantine Barbie – What Time Is It? Edition

The Quarantine Barbie – What Time Is It? Edition is espically fitting since everyone seems to have their days and nights turned around during this quarantine. She joins my other Quarantine Barbies in the one-of-a-kind Pandemic Collection. The poor doll has her roots all grown out since she hasn’t been to her hairdresser. The dark...

Quarantine Barbie – New Hobby Edition

Quarantine Barbie Doll – New Hobby Edition Bake an Apple Pie Learn to Play Guitar Put Together a Puzzle Learn to Knit Plus: CHEEZ-ITs Also See: Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition Also See: Quarantine Barbie Starter Pack – Stay Home Curvy Doll “Wearing Stretchy Pants”

My Little Secret – Refrigerator Magnets

I am often asked where I get such realistic miniatures for my Instagram photos. Some of my favorite 1:6 scale miniatures are REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS! Yes! Magnets. There are a few companies that are known for making realistic magnets – such as Acme Magnets and Arjon Magnets. I have collected them from thrift stores, swap meets...

Quarantine Quarreling Couple – Barbie & Ken

Quarantine Quarreling Couple – Barbie & Ken “Bickering About Housework” Includes: Bestselling Book – How To Split Household Chores Plus: Spring Cleaning List and Supplies  #chores AD – Find this Made to Move Curvy Barbie on Amazon: Amazon Storefront See Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition Here  

Pandemic Hero Barbie – Sanitation Worker

Pandemic Hero Barbie – Sanitation Worker Doing the Dirty Job of Picking Up Trash Includes: Miniature Waste and Recycle Cans Plus Tiny Garbage #AD – the Tiny Trash Cans are listed on my Amazon Page: #AD – Click Here to see QUARANTINE BARBIE – HOME SALON EDITION

Quarantine Bread Baking Barbie

Quarantine Bread Baking Barbie Everything She needs to bake Banana & Sourdough Bread Includes: Mixer, Flour, Sourdough Starter, Eggs, Bananas, Butter, and Milk See on Instagram: Click Here To See

Quarantine Binge Watching Barbie

  Quarantine Binge Watching Barbie Includes: Television, Comfy Crochet Afghan, and Pillow    Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Popcorn & Diet Coke Plus – Lots of Sweet & Salty Snacks Everything she needs for a cozy marathon of streaming!

Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition

  Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition Includes:   Hair Dye   Wax Kit   Magnifying Mirror Everything You Need For an At-Home Hair Cut & DIY Manicure and Pedicure    Bonus: Q-tips, Petroleum Jelly, Shampoo, Lotion, Shaving Cream