My Inner Child Has A Credit Card

A few years ago, I started a doll account on Instagram and stumbled into a rabbit hole that led to a tiny plastic parallel universe.  One thing led to another – I had the dolls, then I needed a dollhouse, then I needed furnishings and appliances, artwork for the walls, rugs for the floors….  I set out in search of tiny things that mirrored my real life: A coffee pot, shampoo bottles, books, and on, and on, and on… It was delightful to find so many mini things.

grandma gets real barbie

zuru mini brands

During the pandemic, the toy industry has seen record sales and it’s not just for child’s play. Adults are buying dolls and building dollhouses in record numbers.   Are they reminders of a happy childhood or a non-controversial comfort away from the “real” world?

tonya ruiz grandma gets real

I had moderate success on my social media accounts – but when the pandemic hit – they blew up.  People were fascinated with my miniature life.  When I decided to make a comedic commentary on the quarantine with parody Barbies – and show how the polyvinyl goddess was weathering the lockdown – it struck a universal cord across the world and I had daily media interviews.

people magazine quarantine barbies

My “What time is it Barbie” ended up in People magazine, I was on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and my funny Barbies have received international recognition.  Recently, I was interviewed by AARP for an upcoming article about my success.

I am an experiential expert – I enjoy my role as a Social Media Influencer @GrandmaGetsReal.  I reach million of people monthly across all my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest and YouTube) I know what makes me happy in my Toyland and I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned with my followers:  including what products I use, How-to videos,” and shopping links.

The good news is that companies are making more toys to fit my fashion-doll size world. Zuru Toys came out with an amazing line of Mini Brands and Toy Mini Brands that have rocked social media, Super Impulse makes The World’s Smallest nostalgic toys that are delightful, Moose Toys sells some Shopkin’s Real Littles that are great in my tiny kitchen and Just Play Products produces a fun variety of Totally Tiny foods.  I see these popular items in my social media news feeds daily. I am glad that toy companies are beginning to market to adult collectors. There are a lot of us big kids out there and our inner child has a credit card.

*In full disclosure – the companies I mentioned have sent me free products in the past.

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