Beauty Quest, A Model’s Journey

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Beauty Quest, A Model's Journey

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Beauty Quest, A Model’s Journey – available when I speak.

In the first part of my book, I share about the fashion world and the events that brought me to a personal relationship with Jesus. In the second part, titled Our Journey, I write about the struggles women face because of the media’s impossible standard of beauty. I address: aging, retouched photos, plastic surgery, dieting, modesty, and God’s idea of beauty. I also answer the question, “Should I let my daughter go into modeling?”

What others are saying about Tonya’s book:

“Mrs. Ruiz does a great job of telling the fascinating story of her life.
Great applications for all women.” Amazon Review

“Beauty Quest was fun to read! Tonya told lots of exciting stories about the good, bad and ugly world of modeling. The book was inspiring, informative, and courageous.”  Amazon Customer

“Tonya’s book, Beauty Quest, was impossible to put down. Her journey from self-involved model to self-sacrificial minister’s wife and mom was fascinating, well-written, and inspiring. And her advice about beauty and self-image is heartfelt and genuine, obviously stemming from experience with the low self-esteem and weight issues associated with many people in the modeling world. Buy this book for yourself, or for a young lady who has stars in her eyes about the fashion industry. I highly recommend it!”  Dena Dyer, Author & Speaker

“In this behind the scenes look at the ‘glamorous’ world of modeling, former model Tonya Ruiz takes us all on her own personal beauty quest. Told with honesty and courage, her story is proof that the journey to success, acceptance and true beauty is finally found when we see ourselves in the eye of the Beholder.”  Nancy Stafford, Actress “Matlock”
Author, Beauty by the Book, Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

I was blessed by the uplifting and encouraging words Tonya shares. Her book will take you on a journey that will end with you feeling good about YOU!”  Andrea Stephens   Author, True Beauty: The Inside Story

“Tonya-Your story is very powerful and encouraging. God took you from beauty to ashes, back to beauty again.”

Dr. Deborah Newman  Author, Loving Your Body