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Why I Like Facebook

Why do I like Facebook?  I like it as a way to connect with old friends, keep current on what’s going on with my present friends, and I’ll admit— it is the ultimate way to snoop without peeping into others’ windows like Gladys Kravitz ( in case you’re under fifty, she was a fictional character on the television comedy Bewitched in the 60s.)

Recently, there have been many online debates. I’ve read posts stating “I will “de-friend” you if you don’t agree with me.” Isn’t this America– a.k.a. the melting-pot? Does everyone on my neighborhood block have the same views as me? NO! Does everyone on Facebook? NO! Are you still my neighbor, alumni, cousin and friend? The jury is apparently still out.

I LOVE seeing the “new baby” pictures, reading funny post (Drink Coffee – Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy), and spying on keeping up with my grown children (I read their adolescent diaries, too, but don’t tell). I got to watch my friend’s kitchen get remodeled without going to her house, I live vicariously through others’ traveling adventures, and I was able to watch my friend from Jr. High post pictures when her daughter was crowned Miss California. Where but on Facebook could I see all this???

Why do I like Facebook? To me it’s a link to an era when people had time to drink lemonade, talk, discuss, and debate. It’s about conversations and connections. It’s about posting status updates, asking for help, or sharing a funny story. It’s not a rocking chair and a game of checkers on the front porch at sunset – but then there aren’t any mosquitoes, either.

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