Was Jesus a Woman Hater?

What place does God give women in society? Ever since God made Eve, He has created half of the world’s population with two X chromosomes. Jesus gave women a significant place in his life and ministry and He elevated the status of women in Jewish society. Women played an important role in the early church and the spreading of the gospel. Throughout history God has empowered women. In the Bible, women held positions of power such as: warrior, leader, wife, mother, teacher, nurse, queen, judge, prophetess, and deaconess.
In the 1970s, women were encouraged to subscribe to Ms. Magazine, burn their bras, and sing Helen Reddy’s “I am woman, hear me roar!” During the last forty years, women who lived the Biblical idea of womanhood were viewed by many as being un-liberated and living unfulfilled lives. Even today, Christian women are sometimes portrayed as weak, passive, and goal-less. In reality, our faith should make us stronger, more proactive, and divinely inspired, because we have His power. We were created for a purpose. We have a destiny. Girl Power at its finest!

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