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Compare and Despair

Click here to read Why Instagram is the Worst Social Media for Mental Health Does social media cause you to “Compare and despair” and feel inadequate? Do you struggle with Anxiety, Depression or FOMO (fear of missing out)? I read an article that being on social media can ruin both your sleep and body-image,…

Who Is The Chubby Lady IN THE PICTURE?

When I see my fifty-something self in pictures, I cringe and my inner voice says, “Yikes, who is the chubby lady?” The ironic thing is that I use to be a teenage-fashion model. When I was very young, thin and FABULOUS, I looked at pictures of myself, cringed, and my inner voice said, “Yikes!” I’ve…

Why I Like Facebook

Why do I like Facebook?  I like it as a way to connect with old friends, keep current on what’s going on with my present friends, and I’ll admit— it is the ultimate way to snoop without peeping into others’ windows like Gladys Kravitz ( in case you’re under fifty, she was a fictional character…

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