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Success in Modeling?

Modeling is a tough business for anyone and especially a teenager. Two On The Town, a Los Angeles television show, did a feature on modeling. The introduction stated that it is not enough just to be beautiful—that height, weight and bone structure alone will not make you a model. They posed the question, “What does…

Compare and Despair

Click here to read Why Instagram is the Worst Social Media for Mental Health Does social media cause you to “Compare and despair” and feel inadequate? Do you struggle with Anxiety, Depression or FOMO (fear of missing out)? I read an article that being on social media can ruin both your sleep and body-image,…

Who Is The Chubby Lady IN THE PICTURE?

When I see my fifty-something self in pictures, I cringe and my inner voice says, “Yikes, who is the chubby lady?” The ironic thing is that I use to be a teenage-fashion model. When I was very young, thin and FABULOUS, I looked at pictures of myself, cringed, and my inner voice said, “Yikes!” I’ve…

When Did I Stop Being Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head?

Mary Pierce, Author of When Did I Stop Being Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head? “Barbie had the hair, the legs—and let’s be honest, the breasts—of our dreams. She had the clothes, the house, and the cars of our fantasies. Hers was the life we wanted. She even had our dream man.”  #learningtolivebeyondbarbie

Can You Be Too Thin?

This photo was taken in Paris 1979. I was 108lbs. Edward the 8th abdicated his throne to marry the woman he loved—the twice divorced pencil-thin Wallace Simpson. She is long remembered for her view on the impossibility of being too rich or too thin. Can you be too skinny? Twenty years ago it was headline news…

Fashioned By God

Famous fashion designers, like Liz Claiborne and Donna Karan, label all their creations and Barbie has ‘Mattel’ stamped on her back. The Master Designer created us and His label is imprinted on our souls – ‘Fashioned by God, Designer Originals.’ Fashioned By God, a Designer Original 100% Human Hand Wash Warm Do Not Bleach Use…

Elisabeth Elliot on Beauty

“People’s standards, of course, differ. Usually, in things that do not matter, we set them impossibly high and thus guarantee for ourselves a life of discontent. In things that matter we set them too low and are easily pleased with ourselves.” —Elisabeth Elliot

Barbie is Perfect!

Barbie“She can never bloat. She has no children to betray her. Nor can she rot, wrinkle, overdose, or go out of style.”Written by M.G. Lord, Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll. Barbie is perfect. Who can compete with plastic? In 1959 Mattel introduced their version of Barbie—the fashion model—and she ended up…

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