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A Tribute To My Husband On Fathers’ Day By Tonya Ruiz 2013

Ronald, from the minute the first pregnancy test was positive – you embraced fatherhood wholeheartedly. After waiting 34 years to become a parent, you relished every second of the experience. You could change a diaper like a pro, extract man-sized burps from small infants, and sooth them to sleep with your lullabies.   As our little…


Many times over the years, I have been around sick people. I owe them an apology – and unfortunately, many of them are not here to receive it. You’re probably wondering, “What could she have done now?” Well, let me tell you. When visiting at the hospital, their homes, or just running into them, I…

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  • Suzanne Herz - Oh Tonya, I hear you. When my best friend, who was actually my sister, had terminal cancer at the age of 25, she too heard those very words. My sister and I where really close and she shared a lot if her feelings with me during those 5 years. The one that hurt the most for her was … You look good, …. You look great… You seem good, ect. After those visitors left she would share with me ” my disease is on the inside, not the outside! It did minute everything that she was going through on the inside. I seem her not only suffer from the disease but also from a lot of emotional disease as well. Sometimes it was easier for her to say no visitors and I gladly followed the patients order! No insensitive visitors or skeptics allowed! Her Dr. told her to watch a lot if comedy’s and laugh often and keep away from all negativity. We fell in love with Lucy and Carol Burnett and Tim Conway! Those are the best visitors. Oh and grand kids .ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Lots of prayer for you both. It can become very hard I. Both you and unjust pray for a peace for you both and a healing for Ron. My heart goes out to you both. Love you!ReplyCancel

Ruiz Family Christmas 2011

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  • Franklin E Hughes - I just watched Captians Courageous about a week ago, for maybe the 50th time. I’ve always been a Spencer Tracy fan. The first movie I ever attended as a little child was a Tracy film. Ron you are blessed with a wonderful family.ReplyCancel