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Did We Promise All That?

Last night at a wedding, listening to the vows, made me think of our wedding. I asked Ron, “did we promise allView full post »

Count Your Blessings

There was a day when the only thing I had to care for was my ’75 red Mustang. One husband, four kids, and tenView full post »

Who Is The Chubby Lady IN THE PICTURE?

When I see my fifty-something self in pictures, I cringe and my inner voice says, “Yikes, who is the chubbyView full post »

A Rose By Any Other Name

I love drinking Rose Tea – it smells and taste…. like ROSES.  There is quite a bit of information about aromatherapyView full post »

The Days of Small Things

Who Remembers These??  As a child, I loved paint-by-number art kits, because a novice like me could pick up a paintView full post »


“Grandma,” Six-year-old Ever said,”You’re white and soft and sweet. Just like aView full post »


My teenage son, Jeremy, took a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) class. So we took a tour of the crime lab. We were shownView full post »

Barbie’s Got the Goods!!

Barbie’s got the goods. (Houses, and jet skies and cars oh, my!) You want it? She’s got it! Hey, Barbie, I would lookView full post »

Can You Be Too Thin?

This photo was taken in Paris 1979. I was 108lbs. Edward the 8th abdicated his throne to marry the woman he loved—theView full post »

Fashioned By God

Famous fashion designers, like Liz Claiborne and Donna Karan, label all their creations and Barbie hasView full post »

Do You Want A Tan?

I’ve suffered from paleness all my life. When I was young, my Aunt Judy told me “brown fat is prettier than white fat,”View full post »

The Fatal Gift of Beauty

Thou who hast the fatal gift of beauty. – Lord Byron The news shows are full of reports on Anna Nicole Smith. BecauseView full post »

Barbie is Perfect!

Barbie “She can never bloat. She has no children to betray her. Nor can she rot, wrinkle, overdose, or go out ofView full post »

Barbie never ages. She doesn’t have birthdays–only Anniversaries. Same with Cher.

The desire to look youthful is not a new obsession. Almost 400 years ago, Hungarian Countess Elizabeth BathoryView full post »

Anita Renfroe’s Comfort Loving Barbie

Tonya & Anita Renfroe I’d like to see a “Comfort Loving Barbie.” They could accessorize her with sensible shoes,View full post »

What Rhonda Rhea Thinks About Barbie’s Figure

Barbie boasts a figure that would only be feasible if she totally rearranged several of her internal organs. —RhondaView full post »

Does God Care?

I was reading in the newspaper about a popular religion of film stars. Their “god” is distant andView full post »

Heaven’s Scent

  Adventisers want us to believe that a fragrance alone can change our lives by selling us the illusion of youth,View full post »