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Count Your Blessings

There was a day when the only thing I had to care for was my ’75 red Mustang. One husband, four kids, and tenView full post »


My teenage son, Jeremy, took a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) class. So we took a tour of the crime lab. We were shownView full post »

Can You Be Too Thin?

This photo was taken in Paris 1979. I was 108lbs. Edward the 8th abdicated his throne to marry the woman he loved—theView full post »

Barbie never ages. She doesn’t have birthdays–only Anniversaries. Same with Cher.

The desire to look youthful is not a new obsession. Almost 400 years ago, Hungarian Countess Elizabeth BathoryView full post »

Does God Care?

I was reading in the newspaper about a popular religion of film stars. Their “god” is distant andView full post »

Swimsuit Season

Hit your panic buttons, ladies, because swimsuit season is just around the corner. An article in Ladies Home JournalView full post »

Heaven’s Scent

  Adventisers want us to believe that a fragrance alone can change our lives by selling us the illusion of youth,View full post »