Researching The Past

My love of family history has me logging onto ancestry sites, reading through old newspapers, and calling older relatives to ask questions. My father is a Private Investigator and I once worked for Pinkerton’s Detective Agency, so I guess being a snoop runs in the family. I’ve worked on my own history, helped others trace their roots, and reunited lost friends.


Looking for family – I’m a big fan of – because you can link your DNA to a family tree.

When researching  family history – or looking for a birth family – DNA is the way to go. In my experience, the paper trail isn’t always accurate, but you can’t deny the science of a dna connection.

I have found that the best way to start researching your family is by AncestryDNA. They have a large database of users and many have family trees connected to their results.

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It’s very helpful to upload your DNA to more than one site – to find matches. I recommended downloading your raw DNA – and uploading it to:  –  Free

FamilyTreeDNA – Free for a limited number of matches – offers Free DNA matching (new)

Old newspapers have a wealth of information when researching your families’ history. I have found obituaries, property notices, wedding announcements, and even photographs. The articles often have personal information you won’t find anywhere else.