Researching The Past

Nearly, eight decades ago, my father was adopted from an orphanage. Last year, using AncestryDNA, I was able to connect him with his birth father’s family. In this short video, he tells his story.

I searched for my father’s birth family – as a gift to him. I had no idea of that I would find something wonderful – that I didn’t know was missing. In this video, I tell the story of searching for, finding and meeting the Knox family.

My love of family history has me logging onto ancestry sites, reading through old newspapers, and calling older relatives to ask questions. My father is a Private Investigator and I once worked for Pinkerton’s Detective Agency, so I guess being a snoop runs in the family. I’ve worked on my own history, helped others trace their roots, and reunited lost friends.

If you’ve watched Finding your Roots, Looking for Long Lost Family, or Who Do You Think You Are? – You know that climbing the family tree is a big trend right now.

People are researching their family history this for a lot of different reasons.

Some know their partial history, but want more details such as:

  • “Was my grandmother really a Native American?”
  • “Where is the family castle located in England?”
  • “Are my relatives famous or infamous?”
  • “How am I related to _______________________________?  (Possibilities include Daniel Boone, George Washington, Brad Pitt, etc.…)

For adoptees, it’s a chance to find their family of origin.

For others, it’s a way to bring family secrets into the light.

At the end of the day, I have found that most people have a desire to know their story.

If you are working on Family History Research I recommend:

It does cost for a subscription – but they have a large database of records

A free site with records has a wealth of information when researching your families’ history. I have found obituaries, property notices, wedding announcements, and even photographs. The articles often have personal information you won’t find anywhere else.



Looking for family – I’m a big fan of – because you can link your DNA to a family tree.

When researching  family history – or looking for a birth family – DNA is the way to go. In my experience, the paper trail isn’t always accurate, but you can’t deny the science of a dna connection.

I have found that the best way to start researching your family is by AncestryDNA. They have a large database of users and many have family trees connected to their results.

AncestryDNA link 10% off



It’s very helpful to upload your DNA to more than one site – to find matches. I recommended downloading your raw DNA – and uploading it to:  –  Free

FamilyTreeDNA – Free for a limited number of matches – offers Free DNA matching (new)