Barbie Gets Real

This is my story about growing up in Barbie’s shapely shadow, following in her tiny footsteps and becoming a teenage fashion model. At this point in my life, I’ve ended up looking like Mattel’s Grandma Barbie. As a self-certified Barbie-ologist, I share Barbie’s history and her place as a cultural icon. Barbie was controversial for years and I tell you why. I also share about my struggle with body image, comparison, thigh gaps, aging, what makes a woman truly beautiful and why I’ve given Barbie a second chance.

In this message, I share what I learned about FAITH when I became a caregiver for my husband. My faith was tested when problems arose, our finances were uncertain, the doctors called with bad news, and we lost our jobs. I began to doubt and had little faith. I realized I wasn’t living like I trusted God. I made changes and slowly my faith began to grow.

I share what I learned about Hope. I had plan “A” for my life and I had a hard time being flexible when life happened, things changed and Ron and I faced challenges. At one point, I didn’t have much hope for the future. My husband reminded me, “Honey, the Lord has always taken care of us.” And He has. He is our HOPE.

I share what I learned about God’s love while I was searching for love as a teenage fashion model AND during my season of being a caregiver for my husband. Recently, when I didn’t feel “LOVED” – God’s love literally showed up on my doorstep.