Lower Your Expectations

Lower Your Expectations

I laughed when I saw this at the store because “Lower your expectations and then you won’t be disappointed” is something my friend, Nancy, and I say to each other. Lower your expectations in THINGS THAT DO NOT MATTER! Give Grace where you can and encouragement when you can. Love all those imperfect quirky humans you are blessed to have in your life.

We are flawed quirky humans, who married other imperfect peculiar humans, and gave birth to tiny unpredictable flawed humans. People are not perfect and there are people everywhere – at home, at work, at church, at the grocery store – and (unless you move to the-middle-of-nowhere and become a hermit) you have to interact with them on a daily basis. Why do we expect perfection from imperfect humans? Jesus is the only perfect person that ever lived and our goal is to be like Him – but for now, we are all flawed-quirky-works-in-progress.

“People’s standards, of course, differ. Usually, in things that do not matter, we set them impossibly high and thus guarantee for ourselves a life of discontent. In things that matter we set them too low and are easily pleased with ourselves.” —Elisabeth Elliot

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