Marriage & Love

Ron and I recently celebrated our 400th 34rd anniversary and we’re more in love than ever most days! And they said it wouldn’t last…….

Two of the most famous words of all time are “I Do.” Many couples take their Wedding Vows lightly, and don’t realize what an important commitment they have made. We want to help couples commit themselves to each other for life.

The Camping Adventure  

“Pumpkin, I’ve got good news, we’re going camping.” My husband of only three months excitedly informed me. Dread quickly overwhelmed me. “But Ron,” I told him, “I’ve never camped before.” “Don’t worry, sugar, I’ll take care of everything,” he promised. “Look,” I sweetly said, “in my family roughing it meant sleeping with a window open at the Hilton.” We both laughed. I was dead serious. Read more…

The Battle of the Sexes
“I think we’re polar opposites,” I said to my husband one chilly morning.
As I turned the thermostat up past freezing, my husband turned it back down and told me, “You won’t die of hypothermia, put on a sweater.”
“Yes, sir!” I snapped, standing at attention (with my fingers crossed behind my back). This was a full-scale battle over the thermostat, and all is fair in love and war. Read more…

Moms – Keep The Home Fires Burning In Your Marriage
Somewhere along the line, little feet trample all over our connection with our spouses. Parents, we need to work to make sure that while we’re fulfilling our parental calling our marriages stays a priority. Read more…