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My mom used to say, “I’m going to go put my face on.” Obviously, she meant she was going to put some makeup on. Here is my simple morning routine – it is what I call “Five minutes to Beauty.” I feel good about using safe BeautyCounter products on my face. Nourishing Day Cream Touchup…

Click here: My Beauty Counter Website I’m trying to start making the changes necessary to live a healthy life in every way. A big change I made last year (when my daughter, Lindsay, twisted my arm) was switching to non-toxic skin care and beauty products by BeautyCounter. “Since your skin is your largest organ,” Lindsay said,…

I’ll be honest. When I hear charcoal – I think BBQ. My daughter did a mask on me and initially it made me look like a chimney sweep. Charcoal draws out impurities. My skin felt wonderful afterwards. The mask was from BeautyCounter – Click here to view it: Charcoal Mask

As a former model who spent years with TOO much makeup on my face – I realize that means I had a lot of toxins sinking into my skin. When I decided to make a change – my first purchase was BeautyCounter lipstick because I didn’t want to be eating, consuming, and swallowing chemicals, lead,…

As I read thru this article from TEEN Magazine 1980 – I realize that I was just beginning my journey into the Ugly Business of Beautiful People. I was 16-years-old.  

“You have what God gave you and what you can do with a lipstick pencil.” –My Modeling Agent, Eileen Ford http://BeautyCounter Makeup J. Vernon Magee, an old time radio evangelist, was approached with the question of whether Christian women should wear make-up. He answered, “If the barn needs painting, paint it!” Make-up allows us to…

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