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Not So Great Shape Grandma Barbie

Are You in Great Shape? As opposed to Great Shape Barbie? I’m the Not So Great Shape Grandma Barbie – but I’m overcoming my struggles with body image. Do you want to know why? As a teenage-fashion model, I worked in an industry with beauty standards few could attain and even fewer could keep. During…

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  • Tammy Prock Fishback - What’s better than I Love Lucy?  I know I need to exercise more (my flapping arms remind me daily).  You are an inspiration to all of us on here.  Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Lola Montez - Is that doll the “Happy Family” grandmother doll? I wish you’d identify each doll you use to represent family members! (I love this project!)ReplyCancel

    • tonya ruiz - Yes, That is the “Happy Family” Grandma doll. Thank for the encouragement. It has been a fun project. Problem is, I have a Grandma brain. The grandkids might remember which doll is which. If I recognize the doll – I will try to add it to the photo. Ha!ReplyCancel

Can You Be Too Thin?

This photo was taken in Paris 1979. I was 108lbs. Edward the 8th abdicated his throne to marry the woman he loved—the twice divorced pencil-thin Wallace Simpson. She is long remembered for her view on the impossibility of being too rich or too thin. Can you be too skinny? Twenty years ago it was headline news…