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When Did I Stop Being Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head?

Mary Pierce, Author of When Did I Stop Being Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head? “Barbie had the hair, theView full post »

Barbie’s Boyfriend – Ken

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Barbie’s Getting Old

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Barbie & Ken Together Again

First we heard that Barbie left Ken for an Australian Surfer named Blain – now the news is they’ve workedView full post »

Living Dolls

Barbie is perfect. Who can compete with plastic? In 1959 Mattel introduced their version of Barbie—the fashionView full post »

Barbie’s Head Is Empty

So many times, I’m driven by how I feel and not what I think. God wants us to be smart. He wants us to use our brainsView full post »

Barbie’s Got the Goods!!

Barbie’s got the goods. (Houses, and jet skies and cars oh, my!) You want it? She’s got it! Hey, Barbie, I would lookView full post »

Fashioned By God

Famous fashion designers, like Liz Claiborne and Donna Karan, label all their creations and Barbie hasView full post »

Barbie is Perfect!

Barbie “She can never bloat. She has no children to betray her. Nor can she rot, wrinkle, overdose, or go out ofView full post »

Barbie never ages. She doesn’t have birthdays–only Anniversaries. Same with Cher.

The desire to look youthful is not a new obsession. Almost 400 years ago, Hungarian Countess Elizabeth BathoryView full post »

Anita Renfroe’s Comfort Loving Barbie

Tonya & Anita Renfroe I’d like to see a “Comfort Loving Barbie.” They could accessorize her with sensible shoes,View full post »

What Rhonda Rhea Thinks About Barbie’s Figure

Barbie boasts a figure that would only be feasible if she totally rearranged several of her internal organs. —RhondaView full post »