Beauty – Beyond Barbie

My message, “Beyond Barbie” inspired this 700 club segment.

Watch and learn a little about my story, and more importantly, about Christ centered beauty.

Barbie-ologist Tonya


  • Barbie’s was modeled from Lilli, a scantily-clad German doll of ill-repute that was sold as a men’s gag gift.
  • Mattel introduced Barbie in 1959 at New York’s Toy Fair.
  • Barbie’s first career was a teenage fashion model. She went on to have more than 80 including: astronaut, ballerina, police officer, nurse, paleontologist and rock star. (Amazing considering that her head is completely empty.)
  • The average American girl owns eight Barbies.
  • If placed head to toe, Barbie doll and family members sold since 1959 would circle the earth more than seven times.
  • Barbie has no belly button.
  • Every second, three Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world.
  • Barbie has had more than a billion pairs of shoes. (Move over Imelda Marcos.)

My Story in Today’s Christian Woman magazine