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Barbie Photo Shoot

On Barbie Gets Real, I recently created a Barbie Photo Shoot of Grandma Barbie taking photos of her Barbie –

The World’s Smallest Barbie.
World's Smallest Barbies

It was my most popular post to date.

It’s been one year since I started my Barbie Gets Real Instagram. I had no idea that thousands would follow it. It was a family project with my granddaughters – as I wrote about here.

“Where do you find all the little stuff? is the question I am asked most.” Finding the miniatures to create my parallel plastic universe has been half the fun. I created a YouTube channel to show my hunts for tiny treasures online and at swap meets, estate sales, and retail stores.

The most popular photos are of my mini-me, Grandma Barbie, and her Barbie collection. Clearly, I’m not the only one amused by a Barbie having a Barbie. I’ve been told, “That’s so meta!” and “Recursion.” I had to look both of those expressions up. LOL. Here are a few photos of a recent popular post. A Barbie photoshoot. Yes, me photographing a Barbie, photographing a Barbie. Recursion or Meta? You choose.

Barbie Gets Real - Tonya Ruiz

Barbie Gets Real – Behind The Scenes – Tonya Munson Ruiz

Barbie Photo Shoot - Tonya Ruiz

Barbie Gets Real – Barbie Photoshoot

World's Smallest Barbie

Barbie Gets Real – Studio Photo Shoot with the World’s Smallest Barbie

World’s Smallest Barbies

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