Barbie Gets Real’s Amazon List

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Looking for Ideas for your Barbie dollstagram or diorama?

Are you interested in some of the dolls, miniatures and products I use on Barbie Gets Real?

I have made an Amazon Storefront so you can see what I recommend for adult collectors who are building dioramas and photographing their dolls.

barbie gets real amazon

Barbie Gets Real Amazon Storefront

Click Here: Barbie Gets Real Amazon Storefront

*Barbie Gets Real earns money if you make a purchase from this storefront.

A little about me – I am on Instagram @BarbieGetsReal – I post photographs of the 1:6 scale miniature world I’ve created with my Barbies and realistic one sixth scale miniatures.

Barbie photographer

Barbie Gets Real Creator

I have 19 Barbies that are part of our “Barbie Gets Real” family – plus dolls for my neighbors, friends, and other family members.

Barbie Gets Real Instagram Family

Barbie Gets Real Instagram Family

asian barbie and baby

Barbie Gets Real Asian Barbie and baby

More Barbie Babies: Click Here

Barbie photographing barbie

Grandma Barbie Photographing Her Barbie

More of our Barbie Photo shoot: Click here

Barbie baking apple pie

Grandma and Grandpa Barbie Making An Apple Pie

Want to see some videos? Click Here

*When you click on a link of a product I recommend – I might get a comission.