About Tonya

Hmmmmm…. besides being a pastor’s wife, mother of four and grandmother to ten … I’ve worked at a donut shop, been a teenage-fashion model, a hostess at a Chinese restaurant, and an executive secretary. The most interesting job I’ve had was as a Pinkerton’s Undercover Detective. I homeschooled my children and worked at a church in Women’s Ministry and as an event planner. For years, I wrote and traveled using humor to address women’s issues. In 2012, my busy life screeched to a halt when I became a full-time caregiver for my husband, Ron. The really good news is that after 5 years and 13 surgeries, he is practically the bionic man and we are now taking road trips to see America. Our greatest joy is spending time with with our ever-growing plethora of grandchildren.

My family at Universal Studios, Los Angeles 2017