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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Old Recipe Box

Linda Zugmier’s recipe box has been passed down for generations. It contains all the family recipes – including one for making soap.

I Hate Brick Walls

I hate brick walls. Let me rephrase that. I love historic brick and mortar masonry – but the proverbial brick walls that I run into in genealogy frustrate me. I have found that sometimes I have to change to another branch of the family tree and come back to my problem person. A little time…

In Pursuit Of Blonde

It looks as if I’m trying to contact extraterrestrials. The reality is that I am willing to do some pretty silly things in the pursuit of beauty – or in this particular case, blonde highlights.

All Things British

I love the Ancestry commercial where Kayle Merker, who though he was German, finds out he’s mostly Irish and trades in his Lederhosen for a kilt. I knew that my mom’s side of the family was from England, but since my dad was adopted, I had no idea what my ethnicity estimate would be. After…

Photographs & Memories

Audie Denney survived WWI and was later killed in an oil explosion in Texas. Through photographs and documents, I have been able to piece together his story. The 1926 photograph of the grieving family is so telling of their loss. My grandfather (Oscar Denney) is the young man on the left.

Finding Family with DNA

Looking for family – I’m a big fan of – because you can link your DNA to a family tree. It’s very helpful to upload your DNA to more than one site – to find matches. I recommended downloading your raw DNA – and uploading it to:  –  Free FamilyTreeDNA – Free for a…

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